ISOfrane Rubber Dive Watch Strap in ORANGE

Soft, durable and comfortable, possibly the best dive strap 
you’ll ever buy!

Finally, a modern dive strap with the look and feel of the 
original ISOfrane straps of the 1960s – the ISOfrane 1968 strap!

Back then it was isoprene. Modern technologies gave us something superior. Today’s ISOfrane utilizes a new rubber compound. This guarantees a strap that is softer, stronger and more comfortable than any other strap available. Hypoallergenic, and offering superior fit, comfort and performance. 100% silicone free! All ISOfrane straps come with a 12 months limited warranty.

ISOfrane Dive strap pictured is 22mm in width.

Material: Hi-tech Rubber

Strap Length: 130mm / 75mm (excluding buckle)
Physical Strap Length: 200mm
Effective Strap Length: 195mm
Thickness at Lug: 5.5mm
Thickness at End: 3.5mm

Watch End Buckle End Thickness
20 20 5.5
22 22 5.5
24 22 5.5

Watch Obsession is proud to be an Official Partner to ISOfrane.
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